Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the IMMI GO?

It’s 16.5 inches at its widest (across the arm rests), and 9.5 inches where it meets the back of the vehicle seat.  It’s also 13.5″ deep.


How much does the IMMI GO weigh?

Just 10 pounds!


Can you use the IMMI GO on an airplane?

No, since airplane seats do not have tether anchors (for 5-point harness mode) or shoulder belts (for booster mode). However, it does fit perfectly into the overhead bin of the plane just like a piece of carry on luggage.


Does the IMMI GO come with a travel bag?

Yes, and it’s free! It’s attached to the seat for easy travel.


Where can the IMMI GO be used?

The IMMI Go was designed and certified to FMVSS 213 for use in the United States. It is not approved for use in Canada and other countries including Europe which have ECE requirements for child seats.


How do you install the IMMI GO?

Check out our resource videos here on how to install the seat using LATCH. You can install the seat using the seat belt path, but you still need a top tether anchor.  Consult your vehicle’s owners manual to find out which seat positions you can install the IMMI GO in your car.


Is the IMMI GO the same as the “SafeGuard Go” and the “Safety 1st Go Hybrid?”

Yes! It’s new and improved with a slightly new name.